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Chart pattern screener

There are numerous trading-related websites. From news providers to call providers, mentors, and classes, among other things. However, the most important type of trading website is a stock screener website.

A stock screener website is a web-based tool that assists investors in identifying good stock opportunities. It has a search engine that allows users to find stocks based on parameters such as price, company size, and earnings. The website also includes a stock rating system to assist users in determining the attractiveness of a stock. It assists us in screening hundreds of stocks for stocks that meet our technical and fundamental criteria. is one such website. It offers nearly all scans for free and has the most popular chart pattern scanner. Let’s see what this website has to offer.

The first page provides a quick overview of all the scans, including top stock screeners, sector index, technical strength, fundamentals, futures and options etc.

Financial screeners, futures and options screeners, and pre-screened screeners are among the options on the menu.

All of the stocks in pre-screened scans have already been screened for you. Here you can see chart patterns, candlestick patterns, and so on. You can see an example of this here. The following stock is being screened for the formation of a rectangle pattern. If we check it, we can see that it also forms a rectangle pattern, and we can wait for the stock to break out of this range and then enter.

Video transcript :

It has all the basic price action scanners. This volume shocker, by technical strength, beta stocks, financial technical stocks everything is given, fundamental screener, support and resistance etc. So you can also screen by support and resistance, volatile or beta stocks, moving average, but this chart pattern is also very rare to see in a scanner. So this chart patterns and support and resistance scan features are very unique in the site.

Future and options is also there this is pre-screened, the scan is already done for you. So just go here and click on candlestick pattern or chart pattern.

We’ll go with the chart patterns. You can see double top screener, double bottom, triangle etc.

Let’s see triangle here. Ascending triangle for short term. So just check if these stocks have been forming the triangle pattern. They also give the points at which they are considering it as a triangle. Top points that is top line and bottom line etc.

Eg. Graphite India. So here they have given the dates at which the points were formed. You can see 2 lines and straight line and so it is triangle.

We’ll check another one also showing triangle is that so much triangle up very short term so they have given the dates here you can see the rectangle is formed at the top and the bottomm so this is how it works.

We can also check candlestick pattern. There are also option scanner and scanners. Here you can also use custom scanners.

So in custom screener you can set up your own scanner. So this is pretty amazing. Just check this site you don’t have to go and check each and every stock. Just go to the site and give a screener a custom screener or a pre-screened one you can just give it a try.

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