About Me !

, About Me !, ART OF HACKS
, About Me !, ART OF HACKS

Welcome To Art of Hacks

I am Ramya, a self made independent trader by choice ! I had my Masters in Biotechnology & an M.B.A.

I love reading and learning new things to make lives easier and love sharing it.

I am a firm believer of OPTIMISM and I am committed to making lives easier through nothing but the power of knowledge.

I believe that


With the right knowledge and hard work, anything is possible!

That’s why you can find some Life hacks that made my life easier so that you don’t have to waste your money, time and energy, trying to solve it.

I also share my trading experience on my youtube channel Female Trader Ramya.

I want to make the world worry-free about money too! That may not be possible by just me now, but definitely in the future it will become doable! Just wishing to plant a seed 💥.

Here you can find my posts related to Trading for Financial Independence and all finance topics in general.

This website will also be useful for Online entrepreneurs & solopreneurs.

Others feel free to follow your favourite categories.

Thanks For Visiting My Site !

Stay blessed,

~ Ramya.

, About Me !, ART OF HACKS
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         , About Me !, ART OF HACKS  
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