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Trading youtube channels. – Life Hack for Traders

Trading youtube channels

Nowadays, YouTube is the best free resource for learning anything. The same can be said for trading. Everything from technical concepts like candlesticks, price action, and indicators to general management concepts like risk and emotional management can be learned.

These are some of the YouTube channels from which I have learned a lot. Hope you find it useful too.

Trading view
Rayner Teo
Uk spread betting
Trading rush
Trade with trend

Adam Khoo
Andrews trading channel
Angel trading friend
B the story
Big bull traders
Booming bulls
Brokerage free investments
CA Akshata Gupta
Tamil share
CA Rachana Phadke Ranade
Data trader

Elearnmarkets by stockedge
Finvezto -tamil stock market
Global link traders
Goodwill wealth management pvt ltd
Hannah forex
Humbled trader
Investor central
Karen Foo
Kpl center
Little panda forex

Marketfeed by sharique samsudeen
Mindfully trading
Momentum trading with vijay thakare
Money pechu T
Mr money T
Option alpha
Pr Sundar
Pivot call
Power of stocks H
Power pangu T
Price action tamil T
Ras traders
Ricky gutierrez

Sharique samsudeen
Smart trader
Supertrader lakshya / stl crypto
Swapnja sharma

Tamil traders zone
The moving average
The secret mindset
Trade achievers
Trade brains
Trader dna
Traders gurukal
Trading beacon
Trading gurukal
Trading strategy testing
Transparant fx academy

Vivek bajaj
Warrior trading
Wesley virgin
Zacks investment research …
Zerodha online

Here, I’ll choose my top favourites and share the details with you.

Ricky Gutierrez

I began with Ricky’s YouTube channel. There were so many inspiring videos where I could watch him complete trading challenges and living a luxurious life by trading just a few minutes per day. He talks about his life journey and how he got into trading. Those videos were all inspiring, and I learned a lot from his channels as well.

Check out Ricky Gutierrez youtube channel here.

Smart trader

This is where I learned about the 0.3% target, which was extremely useful for beginners. You will gain confidence as a result of your successes. Discover the strategy on his YouTube channel.

Check out Smart trader youtube channel here.

Karen Foo

Karen Foo is a top trading guru in Singapore and the reigning champion of the trading championship. She is also a trainer, author, and speaker. She offers practical advice on her YouTube channel.

Check out Karen foo youtube channel here.

Humbled trader

She is the funniest trader I have ever seen on a YouTube channel. The way she speaks is absolutely hilarious, at least to traders. She gives practical advice to day traders and penny stock traders.

Check out Humbled trader youtube channel here.

Adam Khoo

If you are a struggling trader, this is the best channel to watch and learn from. When I was losing a lot of money in day trading, money management and trend exhaustion made more sense. I learned a lot from him, and a few of his videos completely changed my perspective on trading.

Check out Adam Khoo youtube channel here.

The trading channel

If you want to stick to one strategy and want it to be the best, most accurate, and easiest to understand, you can use his market structure theory. This is the most straightforward and logical strategy ever devised. This is a must-follow channel. Now, I regret wasting my early trading years.

Check out The trading channel youtube channel here.

UK spread betting

This channel covers a wide range of topics as well as professional advice. They concentrate on educating traders and teach using a whiteboard.

Check out UK spread betting youtube channel here.

Trading rush

This channel backtests trading strategies and displays the results. This was the first of its kind channel. According to this channel, MACD has the highest win rate.

Check out Trading rush youtube channel here.

Tamil share

These channels, such as Tamil Share, taught me a lot. The channel is only available in Tamil.

Check out the channel here.

Tamil share

Trade achievers

Trade Achievers is a training facility that also educates us through free videos. This channel is available in both English and Tamil.

Check out the channel here.

Trade achievers

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