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about me

A curious individual who loves blending science and business with a dash of digital magic !!

Why me?

Hey there! I am Ramya Vaidyanathan. I have completed my Masters in Biotech, M.B.A, and certifications in Digital Marketing and a few other tech-related areas.

I love being financially independent and having the freedom to choose my location and be my own boss.
I started with trading and gradually expanded into e-commerce and digital marketing concepts such as blogging, YouTube, and affiliate marketing. That’s when I fell in love with digital entrepreneurship.

In this blog, I will cover topics related to digital entrepreneurship, including trading, e-commerce, and digital marketing hacks for Self-Employed Professionals & Solopreneurs like me.. I will also share the things I have learned along the way, and you can ask me anything related to Digital Entrepreneurship as well.

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