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Where to learn trading

Nowadays, there are more ways to learn anything online, such as through YouTube videos, blogs, online courses, classes, and one-on-one coaching, among other things.

Where almost all of the learning is available for free.

Regardless of the method of instruction, we must first learn all of the topics that must be covered in order to begin trading on your own and become consistently profitable.

Learning the theory is not enough to start trading and become profitable. Learning practical skills is just as important as learning theory.

But where can I learn about all of these topics?

Where to learn?

It is always preferable to begin with the fundamentals with an authorised or reputable organisation and then specialise whatever you want wherever you want.


You should also learn the fundamentals of finance. So take advantage of all of the free courses available on MOOC sites. Once you’ve mastered the fundamentals, you can look for courses that teach you how to trade.

Finance as well as trading courses are available on:


Nse certified courses

Coursera etc


1. National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) , which is the leading stock exchange in India, is the go-to site for Indian traders.

You can learn about all of the trading concepts right here.

2. Courses or lessons provided by your trading platform like zerodha varsity etc.

You can also learn from other websites and YouTube channels like udemy, finlearnacademy,


3. You can try investment and trading sites like babypips, investing.com, moneycontrol, economictimes etc.


If you learn from online resources, you can try books written by reputable trading and investment mentors to boost your confidence.

The books listed below will help beginners understand trading basics as well as advanced concepts.

Trading in the zone

Intelligent investor

Rich dad poor dad

Market wizard

Day trading for dummies

Investing for dummies

The disciplined trader

YouTube channels

These YouTube channels taught me a lot when I first started trading. I learned the market structure strategy from the Trading Channel YouTube channel. The UK spread betting YouTube channel is an educational channel that covers a variety of topics ranging from trading strategies to trading psychology.

The trading channel

UK spread betting

These are the most reliable ways to learn trading.

Other methods

Classes, courses, and other traditional learning methods.

Methods of self-study include reading financial news, keeping a trading journal, and using trading software.

Attending live trading sessions and participating in online forums are examples of group learning methods.

Working with a mentor or studying with a group of classmates are examples of peer learning methods.

Watching financial news is one way to learn about trading. You can learn about the stock market and the economy by watching financial news. This information will assist you in understanding how markets operate.

A trading simulator is another way to learn how to trade. A trading simulator is a piece of software that teaches you how to trade stocks. Many financial institutions and online trading simulators are available.

Finally, you can learn how to trade by practising with real money. You can begin by trading small amounts of money. You will learn how to make better stock trading decisions as you practise.

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