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3 Things You Need | Easy way to understand blogging requirements ! (House Analogy)

If you have no clue about domain names, hosting providers, cms etc., go grab your popcorn, switch off the lights, visualize and read. You will be done in minutes. Let’s go..


Here again I am, doing something for our online money making community and sharing my experiences, lessons and takeaways!

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Lets first break it up.

We all need to make money right?

But the 9-5 job, bosses, and stuff?? Who likes it?

May be people who want to escape the household????

Yeah… But mostly, all of us want to be a BOSS one day. I believe everybody has it deep inside! Just because of the social pressure and the mentality of ‘following the herd’ , we keep our freedom and creative juices aside!

So keeping that in mind, I wanted to prove myself that anything is possible with the right mind and hard work.

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Yeah yeah… I am a F. R. I. E. N. D. S fan ❤️

I kept digging where I found myself few ways where you can be your own boss.

How I started!

First I wanted to start a business. Tried free ecommerce shops. But no traffic.

Then I tried few teaching gigs. Not consistent enough to take that as a job.

Then I went back to regular jobs where I cannot stay for more than 1 month. I found it repetitive.

Then after a while I got a little capital to start investing. Then I moved on to trading. Lucrative enough. But not regular enough. I wanted to have a second source of income.

Then I started my youtube channel and gave life to my good old blog, which was pretty much dead for few years.

This is where I started learning about blogging, youtube and stuff. Then I realised making money online requires just 2 things.


~ Ramya

Now I just bring traffic by building my authority over the subject. And the rest will be easy peasy..


What is blogging? The thing you are looking at is a blog! Brightside is a blog. Shoutmeoutloud is a blog. All regular updated content is a blog.

The basic difference between website and a blog is its content.

If you have a very few static content updated once in a while, then it is called the website. Like business websites! Every business now has a website online. An about page, contact page, products page… Thats all they have!

But when it comes to blogging, not so. If the site is regularly updated with a new content every now and then, then it is called the WEB + LOG = BLOG.

These are just the basics everyone might have already known. But still, in case you dont know…

How to start a blog?

Now let’s use this house analogy for all the non-techies to understand it better…

Now imagine, when you have finally achieved your financial freedom and wanted to own your very own dream house.


What will you first look at??

Obviously the space! The land to build your house. This is where you can build your own house however you want it to be.

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This in this case, is your hosting provider. You need to host your website in order for it to exist. This is where everything has its own place. So many hosting providers out there. Check them out.

Examples : hostinger, bluehost etc


Now you have your land. We need to start building our dream house asap! I just can’t wait. 🏡

In this case, it is called the website builder or content management system. This is the system that builds our brand new website.

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You can build and design the site as you like, just like you build your house. So many free website builders out there. Try them now…

Examples : WordPress, blogger etc


All done. . The land has been purchased, and the house is being built. Now, where will you direct your family and friends to?? ”Just come to my home 33 kms away from you”? No right?! We need an address to direct our visitors to our home.

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That in this case is a domain name. You need a web address in order to direct your visitors to your site, in order to find you easily among billions of sites.

So you need to register your domain with a domain registrar, just like you would register your house.

Examples : Godaddy, namecheap etc.

Sometimes the hosting provider or the website builder also provides domain registrar facilities. Check all their features..

There you go…..

Your space, house and address!!

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But wait, do I need all these?

No!! And yes!!

In order to start it for free, you just need a website builder. Absolutely no need to pay even a penny.

But if you want to make money from it, you might need these basics to build trust and also to enable all the premium features that comes with your hosting provider.

Just like if you have a land in a place where you get good water facility, transportation, other amenities…, you would have the best experience for your bucks.

Similarly to have the best experience, you need to have your hosting provider which comes with few facilities.

There are also many other things like themes, plugins etc. But that will be purely optional.

So… There you go! These are the basic things you need to know about starting a blog and monetize it.

See you with another detailed hack…

Until then,

Just go through the above mentioned sites and start blogging!!

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