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Hello peeps.. If you are looking for ways to make money online without paying anything, look no further. This is my favourite list of legit ways to make make money online for free.

Actually, There are a load of ways to make money online nowadays.

But few of them are just


Requires some heavy work on your part which just adds up to only pennies and

Doesn’t use the knowledge or skill you have acquired.

That is why I love the following ways to make money online which are


Doesn’t require you to pay anything.

Requires appropriate amount of work and

Builds authority over your favorite topic.

Affiliate marketing

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The best method, hands down, is affiliate marketing. Though you need to have a decent amount of traffic, once you build the trust of your audience, sky is your limit.

Affiliate marketing is just recommending products to your friends and followers, and earning commissions when they purchase it.

There are also other types of affiliate marketing where you receive commissions just for the visits, sign ups, e-mail submits etc. They don’t have to purchase anything from them. This method is called CPA (cost per action) marketing.

To make money in affiliate marketing, you just have to do the following steps..

1 Pick a niche

For these types of recommendations, you first need to have some following in the niche of your interest.

These are few of the popular niches for affiliate marketing :

Health & fitness



Beauty & Fashion


2 Build your authority on a platform

After selecting a niche, pick a platform to build your authority over the topic. Develop sufficient knowledge, and become a trustworthy and go-to person for your niche.

You can select some free platforms to create valuable content. The platforms include



Instagram etc.

3. Add relevant affiliate products

After that find only products that are relevant to your niche that you have used or at least would love to, and sign up on their site to create an account. You can mostly join those programs immediately. But few of them require approval before joining them. So first explore and then choose your affiliate products.

Now, add relevant products to your content only whenever appropriate.

Now whenever a person clicks on your recommendations and buys it within a certain time range (called the cookie time), you will automatically receive your commissions.


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As far as making money online with youtube goes, there will be certain milestones to reach before starting to earn money.

Youtube wants creators to reach 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours before showing ads.

You need to have a lot of content for the audience of your niche.

Once you get approved for showing ads, you can start earning commissions.

As it is completely free and easy to reach millions of people, more people are interested in creating a youtube channel to build a source of passive income..

Selling digital products

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You can also sell your knowledge in the form of digital products like




Pdf guides




Video tutorials

Documents etc.

You can sell these products to your following or to relevant sites and make some quick bucks.


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When it comes to writing, you can think of starting a website. But it does require some investment to build an authority and start earning through display ads.

But there are other websites where you can write for free to earn..




Listverse etc

These are absolutely free to start and you can start earning money if you meet their minimum requirements.

Online jobs

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Last one is online jobs. You can either go for freelance sites like


People per hour

Freelancer etc

Or get paid for micro jobs in sites like

Amazon mechanical turk


Taskrabbit etc.

There are some get paid to sites that are just scams. Make sure to research well before you sign up.


There are a lot of ways to earn money online. But these are the best legit ways I have found to make money online without paying anything, and also to build your authority over your skill or knowledge.

Hope you found this list post useful. Comment below and let us know your favourite topics.

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