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Trading degree

Can I make money trading without a degree in finance, economics, or business management etc?

No. You only need to learn the fundamentals.

However, if you have one, you are more likely to survive in the market.

But also Yes. You can make money from trading even if you don’t have any kind of educational background.

Because it is not a job and no one is going to hire you or fire you based on your qualifications. Maybe it’s possible that no one ever knows that you are trading. Because you can just pick up your mobile and make some quick trades and book some profits. So it is up to you to take this as your career or not. This is the most independent job ever.

Trading is kind of a business as well as a job.

It is a job in the sense that you must do it repeatedly, manage risk, and be disciplined, just like any other job. But, just like in a business, you can be independent and do whatever you want without anyone questioning why and how you’re doing it. so you can be self-sufficient and not have to answer anyone about your educational qualifications As a result, no formal education is required.

The next thing to consider is that trading is not for everyone, even if you have a finance or MBA degree. Trading psychology is the most important aspect of trading. Only those who have mastered this will be able to survive in the market.

However, some people believe that a relevant educational background, such as business, finance, or economics, is very important because it indicates that you already have the necessary skills, passion, and experience for trading. To complete a course or a degree, you must be determined and passionate. It indicates that you are very interested in obtaining a degree as well as the subject. This is also transferred to trading. This also implies that if you are interested in any of the subjects, you are more likely to enjoy this type of work.

Because someone who enjoys business, finance, and other related topics will also enjoy trading. If you are more interested in management, you have a good degree, you are very skilled in that area, you work on a lot of projects, and you are well-known in your field. Trading management will come naturally to you. Similarly, if you are good at finance and have a finance degree, you will be very skilled in money and risk management. If you are a mathematician, you can comprehend complex concepts such as option greeks, statistical calculations, and so on.

Similarly, if you have a degree in economics, you will understand the entire concept of the stock market, as well as the fundamental analysis and economic factors influencing stock prices. So you understand everything about that aspect of trading.

So if you have these degrees, it will be easier for you. The second benefit is that you will be more interested and likely to last longer. The third benefit is that you will be most skilled in those areas. This is why people prefer to have a trading-related educational background. However, there are always exceptions. So you can debunk the myth, and you can trade from any background.

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