Is day trading more profitable and safer than swing trading?

Day trading more profitable than swing trading

It depends on your strategy and trading style.

Trading style

You can do day trading if you want profits but can be patient and look at charts every day, if you can sit on your hands and watch the trades, if you have a higher risk appetite, and if you have more control over your emotions; but if you’re a beginner and don’t want to spend every minute in front of the screen, you can do swing trading.

Expected returns

Swing trading has a good accuracy rate and can earn a decent amount of returns, but if you prefer higher percentage returns and have more risk appetite, it is better for you to do day trading.


Swing trading is always safer than day trading we cannot be on full alert and control our emotions every day.

If you follow it with proper money management, you will not lose your entire capital. Because there are fewer emotions involved.

However, overnight risks are present in swing trading and should be managed effectively.

More profitable

While it is true that you can earn a decent living by swing trading, day trading is far more profitable than swing trading theoretically because you can catch quick moves in both downward and upward directions.

For example if you are catching the entire 100 points in swing trading you can catch 10-10 points repeatedly for two or three times within that 100 points range in day trading.

So theoretically day trading is more profitable but practically it is not suitable for everyone because we will have to be in control of your emotions and your strategy has to be very accurate and you have to be more experienced to manage sudden price changes.

As a result, it is always preferable to begin with swing trading and then progress to day trading to see if it meets your expectations. So, if you look at it that way, swing trading and day trading will produce roughly the same results. If you are good at trading and have more experience in day trading, you may make more money.

So both swing trading and their trading will produce similar results depending on your trading style and experience.

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