Quick trading basics for beginners !!

Hello peeps.. How are you all doing? Long time no see..

This week I have come up with this basic trading concepts video.

When we start trading we have no idea where to start, how to start, and when to start. We have so many questions like does trading suit my personality? what is stock exchange and index? There are so many losses in the stock market, how do I protect myself?

I too had the same confusion when I entered the stock market.

So I have created this basic concepts video for beginners to understand what stock market trading would look like!

I cover the following 9 topics :

  1. Trading vs Investment.
  2. Account opening and demat.
  3. Basic terms you should know before starting to trade.
  4. Common features in all trading platforms.
  5. Types of trading.
  6. Types of strategies.
  7. Money and Risk management.
  8. Emotional management.
  9. Basic logic behing trading.

This helps beginners to become aware of trading concepts in 1 GO!!

Here is the link to the video!!

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See you soon with another quick hack…

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