Free apps to hack your life ! (Updated)

Top 7 free apps to hack your life

During Lockdown, I have been browsing the web a lot. To my surprise, I have found that almost all our life problems could be solved with the right knowledge and most of them are out there online.

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I have found apps that will do just that. Find below the list of best free apps needed to hack your life.

Free E-Books App

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During this lockdown, we may need bedtime storybooks to keep kids under control, textbooks for students, self-help books for just personal development, home remedies for any health issue, kitchen hacks, or just some fiction books… Whatever the case, we desperately need something to wind down or pass the time during this lockdown.

Here is the free app link to do just that :

Free Time Saving Reader App

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This method of reading lots of books in a short period of time has been doing great as people don’t have time to sit and read the entire book.

That is where book summaries comes in to play. The content in the book is condensed into bite sized summaries highlighting the main points of the book. You don’t have to waste your precious time anymore. Check out this amazing free app.

Free Eye Health App

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When you are in your teens, and you can’t stop using your mobile at night?? You can’t get enough sleep because of overusing your mobile phone?

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Get this free app and use it all night. Using your mobile before bedtime will not affect your sleep anymore. It blocks the blue light emitted from your phone and avoids eye strain.

Free Mental Health App

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This free app is for people who would really want to meditate for their mental health, but have no idea what meditation is & how to meditate !

Free Technology App

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This text shortcut app is useful for senior citizens or for anyone who need to remember their passwords, long email ids, otp etc. Check out this free keyboard app.

Free Online Organizer App

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Found interesting ideas on Pinterest ? Noteworthy hacks on youtube? Your favorite celebrity’s instagram posts? Or just plain old frequently used website?

Anything online can be saved, organized and found with this amazing app.

Free Spiritual App

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I’m going to show you how to make your religious life easier with this simple app!!

When you live in a foreign country, you go on with your ‘2021’ lifestyle.. You get married, raise your kids, get older, life gets messier, things get out of control, no level of rational thinking could work; now all you want is for the family to be safe and happy. Nothing else.

Suddenly you realise there were people who were doing some kind of rituals and they say they have found it useful.

Now you want to do the same, just to get your family back on track.

You found out by googling that it is some kinda pooja and absolutely have no idea about that..

This app comes in handy here!

This app will let you have all the important spiritual tools online.

You can chant your ‘om’ s with a digital rudraksha in the app.

You have all the songs of God to recite

Important religious days etc.

These are super helpful if you are a complete newbie in this religious stuff..

Explore the app and start your spiritual journey!

Free copyright-free photos & videos

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If you are looking for free photos and videos for personal use, you can use this brilliant free app.

You can get the free stock photos and videos

All the images and videos are royalty free, but to be on the safer side you can mention the name of the creator.

A great many free photographs and recordings accessible for download.

The Pexels application gives you access  to more than 3 million free photographs, audio and videos to download.

You can find pictures clicked by photographers and common people like you and me!

This is available as both app and website.

Things you can do with pexels are :

Search by images, videos and users.

Download free images, photos and videos.

Save it in your list.

Publish your own content.

This can be very useful for :



Other content creators

This can be used in :

WhatsApp status, Instagram posts, reels, Pinterest, memes etc.

This is all for this post. If you like this app collection, gives us a like and comment below so that I can meet you soon in part 2.

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