Different weight loss hacks found online !

Weight loss always boils down to CALORIES. But here are few hacks I found online which doesn’t include just workouts and diet.

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1) First, find out what YOUR health issue is.. The cause of obesity is different for everyone. Yes. Calories and metabolism matter in the end. But why doesn’t all the calories melt away easily?

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It is because of underlying health issues, try to control it. If it is because of mental health issues like stress, try breathing exercises.

2) Check your body type. Every body type gains weight for different reasons. There are different types of body like ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph, endocrine, thyroid, apple, pear and the list goes on. Just google ‘body types’, you will be amazed. So you can use different weight reduction methods for different type.

3) Don’t skip breakfasts. or any food. Sometimes eating less can lower your metabolic rate, in turn can cause weight gain.

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4) As our weight melts away in the form of calories through the carbon di oxide exhaled, try this Japanese belly breathing technique. It is the easiest and simplest way to lose weight. Stand , breath in and breath out longer by tucking your stomach in.

5) Check whether your body weight is due to fat or fluids. If it is because of excess fluid, drink lemon cucumber detox water for weight loss. This infused water flushes out the toxins in your body, and excess fluid will be flushed out. You can drink this everyday. If you find it time consuming to prepare it everyday, you can use infuser bottles for detox water.

6) Try calorie counting apps like Healthifyme or My Fitnesspal to track your calories.

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The basic science about calories :

Healthy weight loss = 0.5kg per week.
*where 1 kg of body fat = 7700 calories.

Example 1) So, to lose 0.5 kg body fat per week = 3850 calories should be burnt per week.

= 550 calories to burn everyday to lose 0.5kg of weight in 1 week.

Example 2) So, to lose 1 kg body fat per week = 7700 calories should be burnt per week.

=1100 calories to burn everyday to lose 1 kg of weight in 1 week.

This app does all the calculations for you so that you can focus only on your actions.

7) Use SMART WATCH to track calories on the go !

Currently, I am following hot water therapy for weight loss. I have already lost 3 kgs in 2 months. Let me check how it works and update you on that.

Till then,

Stay blessed..

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