Top 5 new household concepts that will blow your mind !! – Life Hack

Well…. Household chores are everybody’s tasks. No one can escape it.


What if there are easier ways of doing something???

All chores become easier… saving time and energy!

Let’s start with my favourite!

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If you are like me who is lazy to cook every day… or just too busy to cook… You will find this useful.

This new technique called OPOS which stands for One Pot One Shot, founded by Mr.Ramakrishnan, makes cooking a lot easier.

If you know how to use a pressure cooker, have a maximum of 30 minutes of time, and can follow instructions (blindly too), then you can make use of this technique.

In this technique, you just layer all the ingredients, wait for 1 or 2 whistles / (a specified time) and you are good to go!!

Layering is the key here. Mostly oil or water is added at the bottom, followed by the vegetables and then puree.. As it cooks at a very high temperature in a low period of time, layering is important in order to avoid overcooked or undercooked food.

From pasta to south Indian sambar, you can pretty much cook anything with these basics.

There are videos about the basics and examples in my OPOS youtube channel. Watch it for more details.

Shop the book in Amazon to know the basics.

Amazon India,

Amazon US.

You can find the basics in OPOS OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL !


This one is a very simple technique that declutters your home and makes you feel more clean and organized.

Founded by Marie Kondo, the goal of this method is to have a ‘House full of joy’.

To get rid of old things, just hold the object in your hand and ask yourself ‘DOES THIS SPARK JOY TO ME?’

Being honest to yourself is the key here.

If it is a YES, keep it, or else thank it and put it away. No sentiments.

Link to the US book store, & Indian book store to read it in her own words.


After you declutter, you may want to keep your house organized so that you may never want to search for your things again.

Marie kondo declutters and organizes the entire house by categories and not by rooms.

The categories are






Which are further divided into few more items.


When you have everything organized, have you ever struggled to pull the dresses out of your shelf?

Yes for me! Folding is forever a messy business and needs to be organized every time.

But not with the Konmari method!

It takes a few more minutes in extra. but once it is set, you don’t have to worry about it again.

Her main idea is to fold the clothes in thirds and organize them VERTICALLY.

Lot more tips on her youtube channel here…

Or watch her series on Netflix..


What if you just sit and clean the entire house at the press of a button?

Seems dreamy, right?


There is a Robo vacuum cleaner that does exactly that.

It is a round-shaped rotating automatic cleaner that cleans the dust as well as mop it.

It comes at cheaper prices now.

It even has object sensors that it might stop and reverse if it finds an object or stairs on the way.

Check this out at the

US amazon store..

Indian amazon store

Here they are..!

Top 5 household hacks to rule your household chores!


Happy Lifehacking!

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