Complete Notion Trading Dashboard Template

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This template comprises the essential tools and resources for traders, making it highly valuable for both beginners and experts.

– You have the option to follow the 10-step trading process systematically or duplicate specific pages as needed.

– Each step includes basic pages for basic information, checklists, databases for advanced tracking, and notes for note-taking, ideas and quick log.

– Additionally, you’ll find a master blog post which contains dedicated blog posts for each step of my 10-step trading process, providing valuable resources.

– At the end of this template, you can access a database for random logs, ideas, and reminders.

– The “Track with Me Swing Trading” database includes comprehensive tracking items with accompanying formulas for calculations. It is also accessible for free on my website’s shop. You can locate this database on the journal page within this template.

– Feel free to visit my blog regularly to stay updated, and keep an eye out for upcoming releases of dedicated tools and templates.

For detailed steps, check out my section on Notion for Trading !

For further assistance, contact me @ ramyavofficial@gmail.com

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