My life, career and how I ended up earning a ‘regular job’ income from home.

I have been waiting for a long time to write this post and share my experience.

Finally here I am..

I have always disliked seeing people suffering without basic needs. I wanted to do something to improve their lives.

It doesn’t mean that I am an expert in something or my life is exceptionally good. I too have my struggles. And I am still struggling in some areas of life. But what I wanted to share is my experience in life which proves that, with right attitude and hard work anyone can achieve anything.

In short, I am sharing here my Career Journey and how I ended up trading in Share Market.

To begin with, I have been a good student in school and I have completed my Masters in Biotechnology and Business Administration.

After my degrees, I tried few jobs but I was not completely satisfied. I was very carefree then, and I never cared about tolerating my job during tough days. I happily did my freelancing job as a tutor for an NRI student and was spending most of my time researching about something or the other, as I lived in a place where you can’t find a lot of job openings. Then when I shifted to the main city, I was already inexperienced. As me and my family was financially sufficient, and they kept pampering their only child, I did not give much thought into it.

But life hit me hard. I never expected that to happen in my life. I got married. No! Marriage itself was not bad for me. The family I went into was! I was treated badly for not meeting their expectations. May be they are right in their own way or I might have misunderstood. There are all sides to it.

But whatever the case, I was in a position to start earning. I tried so many online sites and finally bumped into the world of share market trading.

I was always curious about the share market as I have seen my grandfather doing it. He was an inspiration to me and still he is, to all of us.

So I entered share market and found there are so many ways to earn other than just ‘invest and wait for years’. I learnt intraday trading, and came to know about options trading, which is my favorite one.

I made many mistakes. Despite all my struggles I started learning it with determination and finally here I am to share my mistakes and strategies that made me financially independent forever. No more job hunting, no depending on employers for salary, no financial fears and no work pressure. Only yes to work life balance. And it will always be my favorite side hustle when I do a regular job.

I am sharing here the strategies I used in the beginning of my trading journey, so that anyone can start trading without fear of loss and earn money.

Here is the link to the full video :

See you in the next post… Happy earning..

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Ramya Vaidyanathan

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