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9 Ways | How to make money doing what you love? – Digital Marketing Basics

How to make money doing what you love

Who wouldn’t want to know how to make money doing what you love?

By building authority in the niche they love and not by just filling out surveys and doing micro tasks. 

How will you feel if people identify you by the niche you are working in and all you have to do is share your knowledge and experience?

Awesome, right? 

I have never been this happy while getting paid for my work. Even a few cents or dollars would seem like an enormous achievement. It is just because I didn’t follow the rules, identified my path, and did what I loved. 

That’s also because I found blogging, YouTube, and social media marketing to be lucrative. Collectively, they are also known as digital marketing.

There are also a few other topics in digital marketing.  Let’s see what is digital marketing and how you can make money online by using it.

So, what is digital marketing?

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Digital Marketing is done by marketing our products or services through digital means like websites, videos, social media etc. 

Products can be your physical products, digital products like e-books, templates, pdfs, etc., services, and also your content. 

With e-commerce and online shopping booming, you can make use of digital space to promote or display your products and earn money online. 

Fine, but people speak about blogging, youtube etc. which one is the best and what should I choose? 

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Which one?

There are so many ways you can use digital marketing to make some bucks.

You can do this independently or you can work for others as well in these fields :




Social media, 

E-Mail marketing, 


Advertising etc. 

The major part involves marketing your content and making money from it. 


Yes. Content. 

You can earn from your content as well.  That’s why people keep mentioning the word “content” everywhere. 

When you build your authority in your niche by sharing your experienceknowledge, and useful tips, in the form of content like blogsvideos, and social media posts, traffic will start pouring in. 

When you monetize the traffic by displaying ads, you can earn money from it. It’s that simple.

1. This is also called Content Marketing, which is also a part of digital marketing.

2. If it is social media in particular, it is called Social Media Marketing.

The content should revolve around a particular niche in which you are specialised.

Now, when you create your content and publish it, each platform will decide which content to display in their platform and in which order. This is based on the algorithm, specific to each platform. 

3. To produce content according to the algorithm to rank higher is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

Now, you have done everything you can to optimise the content and it ranks on the search engine as well. 

Everything goes well… 

But you may want to stay in touch with your audience. Why and how?

This would help you when you want to remind them of a new product or a blog post, send them any valuable resources, or just keep them in the loop. 

4. This can be done by collecting visitors’ mail addresses and sending them emails on a regular basis.  This method of digital marketing is called E-mail Marketing. 

All done and dusted…

These are the main areas to master in digital marketing if you want to go solo! 

But digital marketing doesn’t end here… 

5. After you have created and marketed your content, you should be able to analyse your visitors’ data and improve on it. And this is how Analytics helps digital marketing. 

But what if you want to improve your digital marketing strategy?

As all the methods described above can also be done for free, sometimes you may find it difficult to achieve your goals. That is mostly because of huge competition, spam, etc. 

6. So, now you may want to target a niche-specific audience and be seen by the right audience. This can be done by doing SEM or Search Engine Marketing. Or by simple Advertising.

SEM is usually done to advertise your product at the top of the search engine results page. In this way, your product is visible to readers who search for specific terms. 

7. If this is not what you want, you can do it by displaying your products on a page with similar content. This is known as Display Advertising. You see this every day in the middle of YouTube videos and blog content. 

And this is also how bloggers and YouTubers get paid for ad views, as a percentage of the money from the advertisers goes right into their pockets.

Here are also some indirect ways to promote your products through digital marketing

8. When you ask popular ones to promote for you it is called Influencer Marketing.  

9. And when you promote others’ products for a commission, it is called Affiliate Marketing.

These are just a few of the basic topics to be covered in digital marketing. 

Good to know. But where can I learn about this?

Learn here

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If you have decided to learn digital marketing, there is no better place than the tech giant, GOOGLE itself. 

There are free courses for digital marketing students in GOOGLE DIGITAL GARAGE. You can also get the free certification here.

You can also do detailed digital marketing courses by GOOGLE in Coursera. You can either pay for the course or audit it for free. 

If you are more of a text-oriented person, you can learn digital marketing on the Alison website. Here you will have to pay for the certificate only. 

Well, now I can understand the basics of digital marketing. But how do I start making money?

So, how to make money doing what you love?

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There are different ways you can use digital marketing to make money online. 

If you are going solo, you can start with a website, social media, and YouTube. After building authority and driving traffic, you can start earning by displaying ads on it. 

If you want to go all FREE, you can start with YouTube and affiliate marketing. 

If you are planning on working for someone else, you can start a digital marketing agency or work for one.  There are various roles in the digital marketing field like SEO specialist, Digital marketing manager, content creator etc.

Fine. So far, so good. I am excited to start earning with digital marketing.  

But how do I build authority in my niche? 

Build Authority

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Building authority can be done by creating valuable content on a regular basis. And it has to always be about quality over quantity. 

You can engage your audience by responding to them and solving their problems immediately. 

You can also offer free stuff, be active on social media etc. And whatever makes your audience trust you and consider you a go-to person in your niche. 

You don’t have to be “No. 1” in your niche. But people in your niche should be able to recognise you. 

When you become an authority figure in your niche, traffic explodes, and you can monetize the traffic through display ads, affiliate marketing, etc. 

There you go… 

This is how you can start making money online by building authority with digital marketing.

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