Easy pooja|Hindu mantra and chants app

Hey peeps! On this auspicious day, I pray to God for everybody’s health and long life. I’m going to show you how to make your religious life easier with this simple app!!

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When you live in a foreign country, you go on with your ‘2021’ lifestyle.. You get married, raise your kids, get older, life gets messier, things get out of control, no level of rational thinking could work; now all you want is for the family to be safe and happy. Nothing else.

Suddenly you realise there were people who were doing some kind of rituals and they say they have found it useful.

Now you want to do the same, just to get your family back on track.

You found out by googling that it is some kinda pooja and absolutely have no idea about that..

This app comes in handy here!

This app will let you have all the important spiritual tools online.

You can chant your ‘om’ s with a digital rudraksha in the app.

You have all the songs of God to recite

Important religious days etc.

These are super helpful if you are a complete newbie in this religious stuff..

Explore the app and start your spiritual journey!

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