The ultimate list of (60+) free resources for bloggers ! – Life Hack for Content Creators

blog, The ultimate list of (60+) free resources for bloggers ! – Life Hack for Content Creators, ART OF HACKS
blog, The ultimate list of (60+) free resources for bloggers ! – Life Hack for Content Creators, ART OF HACKS
Free tools for bloggers

There are many tools out there that might help you edit your social media profile pictures. But when it comes to blogging, most creators rely on the following tools to make their content creation process easier.

There are both free and paid tools. In this post, we will see the free version of all the tools I have used along with the links to the sites.

This is by no means, an exhaustive list of free tools required by content creators. You can very much create your content without these tools. These are just the best of all the free sites available under each category of tools.

Pre production

Before creating your content, you need to have an actionable plan to make your content creation process easier.

You may also need to do a simple research online for niche and article ideas.

Keyword research tools

Every content creator needs keyword research tool, be it on youtube, blog or social media.

These tools helps you identify niche related keywords along with details like search volume, ranking difficulty etc.

You may need to check:

Niche selection :

Before creating your first piece of content, you need to know your niche.

Niche is nothing but a narrowed down topic for your content creation process.

Eg. If you want to create content around the category HEALTH, you niche can be narrowed down to WEIGHT LOSS. If the competition is toi high, you can further narrow down and select WEIGHT LOSS FOR WOMEN OVER 40.

To find your niche, you can enter your category in the following sites and find the trending keywords in that category:

Websites include :

Google trends


Google search

Amazon search etc.


You can select and list out all the topics you need to write about in each niche.

You can do this by doing an autocomplete search on sites like

Google search (autocomplete)


Related keywords / Tags

You also need to have the keywords related to your niche or just other ways of saying the topic.

This might come in handy when you write your blog post and tags.

You can find the related keywords on sites like


Target keyword

After finding the topics for your blog posts, we will move on to the keywords for each individual posts.

Now you need to have a target keyword or just a different way to say your topic title.

In that way, you can choose that variation which has low competition but high search volume.

You can find both the competition and search volume for free on the following sites :

Adwords google keyword planner


Ahrefs free version

Now you are ready to start writing your blog post with your target keyword and related keywords.

Planners & Organizers

After listing down all the topics and keywords, you may want to plan your content beforehand so that it becomes a simple routine for you. You may also need to organize your content according to the categories, topics etc.

You can plan and organize on free sites like

Google Calendar



Google drive




Read later

You might also need to save articles for future reference and inspiration. You can save the entire article by saving it on sites like




During the production process, you may need to edit your pictures, videos, screenshot etc.

Content creation tools

There are tools which has both free features and paid features. There are apps and sites for each feature and 1 app or site for almost the entire process.

Eg. Canva, inshot, kinemaster, wordpress, wix etc.

Domain & Hosting

Currently you need to buy a domain i.e. a name for your website or blog.

And also hosting i.e a place to have your domain.

You can either buy a domain name or use the free subdomain feature in hosting sites like





Where you don’t have to pay for your domain or hosting.

It may not look professional, but you can always grow your site, make enough money from it and then convert your blog to a self hosted blog.


If you are overwhelmed by writing a long blog post, you can use techniques like pomodoro technique, where you can work for 20 minutes, rest for 10 minutes. And repeat. This makes your content creation process more manageable and less boring.

There are also apps for time management, focus etc.

There are tons of free productivity sites and apps like



Stock Photos & Videos

You can find free stock photos, videos, gifs etc for your featured image, inside the blog post, videos etc., on the following sites.





Internet Archive

Editing softwares :

You can use free image and video editing sites or apps like



Writing Tools :

If you are not a professional writer, do not worry. There are so many free tools out there to check your grammar, sentence formation, rewrite content etc.



Portent Title Maker

Headline Analyzer

Post production

After creating your content and posting it, you may need to constantly track the performance of your content.

Performance analysis tools

These tools will tell you which content has more views, more engagement, likes etc. This helps you compare all your content and produce more of what the audience needs.

Google Analytics

You may need to connect your site for free to google analytics to track your performance.

You can track the keywords you are ranking for, audience insights etc from google analytics and google search console.

Email marketing

After creating your content, you may need to send mail to your followers to inform them about your new post.

You first need to collect your followers’ email address while signing up and then mail them on regular basis.

You can do this with sites like



Social media marketing

You can also publish a teaser of your blog posts on the groups in :








Auto scheduler

If you need to post your articles automatically, you can make use of these auto scheduler sites like


Social Champ








You also have default scheduling features in sites Pinterest, Quora etc.

Make money

You can make money by affiliate marketing. Find products and link relevant products in your blog post. You can do this by signing up on websites like

Amazon associates




CPA lead

CPA grip

These are the few tools I have used so far, and I will soon meet you with more new finds and detailed lists.

blog, The ultimate list of (60+) free resources for bloggers ! – Life Hack for Content Creators, ART OF HACKS
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