Best free way to graphic designing |All-in-1 free app for newbie content creators!!

My experience..

When I started the content creation process, I tried so many photo editors, video editors and animation makers. I found some sites for animations. But for photo and video editors, I kept switching between apps and sites. Then I came across this app called canva.

Everyone kept talking about it. So just gave it a try. Initially I had no idea I would be using it for all my online work, I just saw it as an other photo editor.

And after sometime, I started seeing youtube videos mentioning canva everywhere in their tutorials.

Only then.. I explored all the features.. I was damn shocked. I was like.. ‘How on earth did I miss all these free features available in 1 app??’

I know that I can edit pictures but I didnt know that it could do much more. In this article we will see the extensive list of things that canva could do for us.

What is Canva?

Canva is a freemium graphic design platform for both photo and video editing. It has an easy drag and drop feature with tons of free features and templates for any beginner designer to start with. You can edit on its website as well as the app.

Use it for

Canva can be used when you

  1. Are new to designing.
  2. Need to make youtube thumbnails.
  3. Graphics for blog, pinterest etc.
  4. Videos or quick youtube short videos.
  5. Or just plain confused about all the editing apps available on the internet.

Awesome features

You can use the in-built canva templates to design or just start from scratch.

Things you can make with canva are :

  1. Social media graphics – Instagram, facebook, pinterest, whatsapp, tiktok, youtube, twitter, linkedn etc.
  2. Presentations – Talking, basic, mobile-first, brainstorm etc.
  3. Printable materials – Postcard, poster, flyer, certificate, card, birthday card, thankyou card, invitation, resume, announcement, menu, letterhead, newsletter etc.
  4. Videos – Facebook video, video message, mobile video (for shorts), youtube video ad, video collage, slideshow video, instagram reels, tiktok video, linkedin video ad, pinterest video pin etc.
  5. Marketing materials – Poster, logo, business card, blog banner, label, gift certificate, coupon, ticket etc.
  6. Office – Resume, A4 document, report, planner, letter, proposal, graphic organiser, invoice, checklist, memo etc.
  7. Other– Infographic, photo collage, desktop wallpaper, graph, book cover, mind map, magazine cover, website, calendar, worksheet, class schedule, planner, lesson plan etc.

Advantages :

All the designs are saved online so that you can access your designs from anywhere.

You can design in both site and app..

It has tons of free features and templates.

You can also use folders to save your designs.

It has the most useful tool called styles where you can choose font combinations and color combinations for your designs.

It has all the photo editing features like cropping, color correction etc. And video editing features like trimming, adjust duration etc.

Disadvantages :

The only consequence I have seen is that the interface could have been made much easier…especially while editing. Need to go back and forth while clicking on the element’s features..

And I also couldn’t find out any voice recording feature..

Pro version :

With the pro version…

You can unlock premium stock photos, videos and graphics.

Can use the brand kit.

Do content planning right from the planner.

Resize your designs.

Download with transparent background.

Use it on all your devices.

Have more than 2 folders &

Access to editing version history etc.

How to use Canva?

You can use the templates and just change the colors, text and graphics.

Or you can start from scratch and add each element one by one.

You can also have a team, share it or do it just by yourself.

Wrap up

As far as I have seen, this is the best go-to site for any kind of editing you need for making money online. I use it often and the free version doesn’t even have the watermark… Yay!!

Happy designing.. See you soon with another hack!

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