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Hack Wall

Top useful hacks pinned on this wall regularly!

These are my favorite hacks that made my life easier… Click on the links to know more..

Cooking Hack

If you think cooking is difficult for you.. Has no time to cook… Want healthier foods… This life hack will save you tons of money, energy and time. Enter OPOS!

Organization Hack

If you think your home is a mess… Needs to be organized often… Or difficult to find where you kept your keys n stuff??? Check out this stuff and you will thank me later… Enter KONMARI…!

Money Hack

If you need quick bucks, be your own boss or live life on your own terms, try this one. Check out my channel where I backtest the strategies everyday, share my trades and lessons learnt..

For up-to-date Indian stock market news or general stock market basics, visit the blog here…

Product hack

Automate your life and live a free life by shopping these unique and useful products..

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Digital hack

Automate your digital life and live a free life by downloading these awesome apps!!

Mind hack

Anxiety, depression, stress!! These words are being used commonly for other emotions as well.. Let’s dive deep into our mind and find out how we can heal and be happy…

laughing businesswoman working in office with laptop
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Passion hack

If your passion in life is bit unconventional, but you still want to pursue that as your career, look no further ! Just start a content marketing strategy and make money online. There are hundreds and thousands of people making money with that strategy nowadays.. So checkout this channel where I will explain how anyone and everyone can make money with anything…

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Entertainment hack

If you need a bit of energy boost or just to uplift your emotions, here comes F.R.I.E.N.D.S to your rescue!! There are a plenty of shows, movies and hobbies to do just that. But this is the best.

Find the F.R.I.E.N.D.S TV SHOW website here…