Easy way to understand your emotions !

Easy way to understand your emotions !

Hello friends.. How about we see about a mind hack this week? Hope it helps you in your work and personal life!

Lets go!!

We have had so many problems in life. Do we look at the core reason of those problems?? No. I didnt.

Now lets see what those are…

We need food to survive, money to buy and happiness to live. Right?

There are so many ways to make life easier with right knowledge at the right time.

For now, we will concentrate on our mental health.

In order for us to be happy, we need to take care of our mental health. At the core of our mind is our emotions and brain. Emotions are more under our control. So we need to dig deep and understand each emotion and its root cause.

Some people have it naturally. But some don’t.

To make it easier to understand for the other people like me..

Two core emotions :

There are 2 basic emotions at the core!


Whatever emotional problem we take, there is always some fear underneath it.

For anxiety and depression, the fear of unknown, the fear of losing control and so many…

To find out and overcome all these emotional problems, there are 3 points I would like to discuss. Learn about these 3 and you will thank your knowledge forever.

(*Please consult a doctor and have this as a secondary method)

1. 5 WHYs

Firstly, we need to ask the 5 WHY’S whenever you encounter an emotional problem!

Lets do that with an example..

Suppose you say, you are totally depressed..

Let’s do our first why?

Why am I depressed?

I dont like to live this life.

Why dont you like?

I have had so many failures.

Why so many failures?

Because I couldn’t concentrate / I don.t know how to do it / I did my best.

Why you couldn’t concentrate?

Because I want this (some other problem) to happen.

At the core of your depression is not your failure or bad luck or anything. It’s just some mind block that’s really blocking you from performing to your fullest. Find that and sort it out.


Second way to find your core belief that leads to all emotional problems is EMOTION WHEEL / FEELINGS WHEEL.

This wheel has the emotional problems and the root cause behind it.

Here is the feelings wheel…

Image courtesy : Flickr

As we are seeing depressed right now, lets see what is straight to it. It is Inferior. There is some feeling of inferiority which we found in the middle of the WHY’S exercise.

This is how you can manage your emotions.

Well.. Easier said than done! Or…

We already know the root problem. But how can I reduce my problems?


Thirdly, CBT comes into play.

CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

It has all the thinking errors a person could have and what are the ways to overcome it.

Examples: Over generalisation means if you dont pass 1 interview, you think that you will fail at all interviews. This type of thinking is called over generalization and there are some workbooks and exercises you can do to overcome the problem.

If there are problems in our way of thinking, CBT exercises will take care of that. So more on that in another post.

These are some mind hacks I found useful in my life. Hope it was useful. I will come up with part 2 soon.. Take care.

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