Lazy way to beat procrastination ?!

Lazy way to beat procrastination ?!

Hi Peeps… How are you all keeping up?

Have you ever had an experience where you don’t have enough time to do all your work? Or just too lazy that you keep procrastinating on your tasks?? Or just seem to be all over the place and need to focus on your tasks?

There is this technique called POMODORO which makes you divide your time and focus on the present task.

How did I find it?

I stumbled upon this technique when I was constantly wondering why I am not able to finish all my tasks when others can do it effortlessly. As I am an anxious person, I came to know that my entire task list has been running on the back of my mind all the time. And in turn, it drains my energy and I stop with 1 or 2 tasks and procrastinate the remaining tasks.

I wanted to put an end to this constant mind chattering and be able to check all my tasks in my checklist. I kept researching online and I came across this technique.

What is it?

Pomodoro technique just involves dividing your time into chunks of minutes like this…

25 mins work + 5 mins rest

25 mins work + 5 mins rest

25 mins work + 5 mins rest

25 mins work + 5 mins rest

LONG BREAK – 15 mins

25 mins work + 5 mins rest

25 mins work + 5 mins rest

25 mins work + 5 mins rest

25 mins work + 5 mins rest

LONG BREAK – 15 mins

And it goes on till you finish all your tasks.

You can also change the timings like 20-10-15 or 15-15-30 …..

It depends on your concentration and preferences.

How can I do it?

If you find this method interesting, give it a try.

This app FOCUS TO DO has all the important features that the pomodoro timer app or just any productivity app should have. Like…

Add tasks.

Change the timing.

Have white noise in the background.

Projects, Tags and folders.

Recurring tasks (paid version).

Individual task timer.

Number of pomodoro for each task and much more…

There are so many other pomodoro timer apps out there and this app has chrome extension as well. So it was very easy for me to sync between devices and focus on my tasks without procrastination.

I don’t have to keep ruminating and postpone all my tasks anymore.

I just enter all my tasks whenever I am reminded of one, when you find time, switch on the timer and go.

Within few hours, I would have finished all of my tasks, with even few 5 mins to ruminate 😉 (which doesn’t happen often because of this technique).

You can also use it for studying, household chores, work etc

Try this technique and if you follow it already, share your experiences in the comments section below.

That’s it for today’s post. See you soon with another hack..

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