Easy lazy way to get your perfect skin without makeup !

Easy lazy way to get your perfect skin without makeup !

Good evening folks.. What’s your today’s meal for the night? I have been ordering food lately. It’s pretty much easy and tasty as well 😋

Okay.. Enough about me!!

Let’s get back to the ‘Art’ of hacks.

Today’s tip is about skin care and you will really regret not knowing this earlier.

Being a lazy bee myself, I never take care of my skin like other women of my age do…unless a zit pops up. But that will not stop us from living a stress-free life. Right??!


I used to feel like my skin has changed from being oily to not-so-oily to dry. If I apply a moisturizer, it looks too oily. If not, it is too dry.


It’s even more terrible to notice that your dry skin is making your skin age fast!!


One day when I was washing my face, it took me more than a minute to wash my face, as I was chit-chatting with my family…

That day I used some new orange moisturizer. I felt my skin was unusually soft until next day evening.

So, the next time, I used the same moisturizer, but I did the usual quick wash. I didn’t see much difference that day. The moisturiser made my skin feel good. But not in a soft way though.

👉 Then I remember washing my face for a long time. I tried the same long wash that day.. And ta-da… Magically my skin looked so soft and uplifted.

Then I googled it to see if there are any articles about it. Only then I came to know about the ‘60 second rule’.

It was quite popular in some social networks already!!

Then I started gathering all information about it and from then on, my skin feels the best ever 😊😊

Now, I am sharing with you what my skin wants to share with you.


The 60 Second Rule for face wash was shared by a skincare specialist.

Check out her Twitter page @LaBeautyologist

It involves a simple method of washing your face with a cleanser for minimum 60 seconds.

It works with face wash as well. For best results, use it twice a day.

The main principle behind it is that it allows the ingredients in the cleanser to work so that it can effectively reduce any dirt, moisture it, add a natural glow and soften the skin.



Makes your skin softer.
Absorbs your ingredients well.
Not needed to spend even a penny.
Your skin looks naturally moisturized.
It helps any kind of skin problems.
It applies to any gender.


Doesn’t heal hormonal acne.
Takes up a little more extra time.
Cleanser or face wash must be suitable for your skin, for this to work.


So, have you heard about it already? Have you tried it? What are your results? Any negative reviews? Haven’t heard of any though..

Do share your experience to help our community grow.

So, to conclude:

👉Take your face wash or cleanser.

👉Massage your face for 60 seconds.

👉Rinse it.

👉Do it twice a day.


That’s it!

Skin care routine simplified 🙂

Now, watch this in tamil:


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