Easy lazy way to stay organized !!

Easy lazy way to stay organized !!

Hello lovely people. Hope you guys are all doing well.

This is my first post on this blog and I would like to share with you, one of my proudest finds on the internet research ever.

How to organize everything?

Have you ever been fed up of having too many productivity apps?

You don’t know where you kept your file and keep searching for that?

You are an organization freak, but you don’t know where to save all your notes?

You are anxious and not sure what to do about your upcoming project?

If you answer ‘yes’ to most of the questions, then you have come to the right place.

So, What is bujo?

I have tried different apps till now.
And no one app is as effective as this awesome system, the bullet journal or ‘bujo’.

Bujo is a simple note keeping system, found by Ryder Carroll.

This system is very simple and it contains:

  • Daily log
  • Monthly log
  • Future log
  • Collections
  • Index and keys.

    And that’s it!! Very simple. You can customize it according to your needs.

Here is the link for you to have a detailed look at the bullet journal basics.

Bullet Journal

You can have anything on your journal as it is completely blank and you can be as creative as possible.

Now, what about my documents?

Now you have known a little about bujo, let’s solve the other problem.

You might have sorted everything out. But what would you do with your physical documents?

Should we paste it in the bullet journal?


Have a separate folder?

Probably yes.

Here comes filofax to the rescue.

Do everything you do as in bullet journal but now you can also file all your important documents.

Here is how Filofax looks :

Here is the top view :

This is kind of a diary which is very flexible, unlike other diaries.

It has so many advantages that you would look up the phone only to add reminders.

As it is the binder type, you can also have dividers, tabs, file sheets, sticky notes etc.

Conclusion :

Have your bullet journal dotted in this filofax and in no minutes, you will fall in love with this system.

bujo + filofax = no planner apps !!

No more bunch of apps taking up your space. Yay!! ☺️

Yay!! ☺️

I personally use kokuyo notebook for bullet journal as it is dot grid and I don’t have too many physical documents.

What do you guys use to organize your life?

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